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about the work

about writing

Playwrights aren't often asked to make an artistic statement. I guess it's assumed that we speak through our characters, which is true.

But not being asked, it becomes tempting to try to say a few words.

I am interested in what is human. And for me what is human has to do with how people yearn and try and search and sometimes discover.

I like to create worlds with aesthetic wholeness.

Language and dialogue are a form of music.

I enjoy making people laugh.

But in lightness there is darkness and in darkness, some light.

I am personally less interested in intricacies of plot and action.

On the other hand, I love things that are mysterious--things that hold you to them with mystery.

I prefer simplicity of form and detail.

I believe that the stage is a place where ideas can be expressed as a form of passion.

about productions

The samples of work on this website represent a selection of my produced plays.

If you are interested in related materials or reviews, please see contact info on this website.

I hope you'll read the samples and contact the website or publisher if you want to read more. And I hope you'll consider performing the plays. And if you do consider performing them, or even parts of them, or doing anything at all with them, please be aware that the plays are protected under copyright law.

--Lydia Stryk