Motherhood. That cow-like state of milked contentment. The little monster learns to pee in a pot. Wow! It takes its first steps. Yey! It steps right out of your life. Zap! Gone. The illusion of total connection. An umbilical farce.


Two women, one man.

What happens when Lily, a lesbian-feminist with unshakeable views on men, marriage and motherhood, brings her aging father who is slipping into dementia home to live with her? In this comedy of manners, Lily's father begins to turn Lily first into his young bride and then into other roles she has rebelled against her whole life. Add to the mix, her friend, Gina, who Lily wants as her lover, a theatrically revealed secret about her father that Lily must come to terms with, and you have a triangle that will break Lily's world apart forever.