American Tet

There will be a next spring. An American spring is like no other in the world.

Four women, two men

It is spring 2004, the first anniversary of the war in Iraq – a moment in time in the ongoing conflagration – and military policeman, Danny Krombacher, is coming home on leave. Elaine, his mother, who teaches new military spouses the ins and outs of military life on base, prepares to welcome him with her husband, Jim, a Vietnam Vet and life-long military man, while they follow the news of other soldiers and their families on base, including Danny’s close friend, Angela, now lying in a hospital in Germany. Their daughter, Amy, awaits her brother’s arrival with a purpose of her own. Into this military world comes a stranger from a war of the past just in time to shake Elaine’s faith in everything she has been taught to believe.