Artists love working on her plays, and audiences respond in kind. With each new play she offers us a fresh perspective on the world that both excites and entertains. I can’t wait to read her next one.” — Roger Danforth

To read more or for the rights to perform the plays contact:

Broadway Play Publishing for Safe House, An Accident and American Tet.
Dramatists Play Service for Monte Carlo or The Glamour House.

For all other inquiries contact the website:

Photo Credits

American Tet: Contemporary American Theatre Company, Ron Blunt
American Tet: Kansas State University, Nicholas Cady
An Accident: Northern Light Theatre, Ian Jackson
An Accident: Griot Theatre, Sarah Lindsley
Lady Lay: English Theater Berlin, Christian Jungeblodt
Monte Carlo: Denver Center Theatre
Safe House: Burning Coal Theatre Company, William Noland
The Glamour House: Victory Gardens Theatre
The House of Lily: Theaterhaus Stuttgart
The House of Lily: Schauspiel Essen, Sascha Kreklau
Photo of Lydia Stryk by Halina Bendkowski
Cover Design: “Acts of War”, Luba Lukova
Cover Design: “American Tet”, Suzanne Stryk
Cover Design “An Accident”, John Malmquist

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