“The Teachers’ Room” is a remarkable novel. The presentation of the setting is beautifully evocative, truly recreating an era. And the historical background—1963 in the Midwest, teachers who had to be closeted or risk everything—was such an important and pivotal time in American social history.  But “The Teachers’ Room” is never dry history. The plot will make the reader keep turning the pages. (It certainly did me!) Most of all, “The Teachers’ Room” is a wonderful read—engaging, vivid in its depictions, deeply interesting in its characterizations, and very moving.”
— Lillian Faderman    

It is 1963, one of the most turbulent years in American history. The escalating tensions and conflicts in society at large are playing out in classrooms across the country, along with the first stirrings of social transformation, though the past still holds its suffocating grip. And behind the closed door of the teachers’ room in one small Midwest town, two grade school teachers set eyes on each other and find it hard to look away …

Coming May 2022